Acorn in pencil, Suzanne McDermott

Welcome to the new Drawing America Blog!

A simple acorn in pencil. A place to begin.
"Tall oaks from little acorns grow"
—David Everett

This blog explores Drawing in America. We'll learn a little bit about the history of drawing in what is now the United States, and who's drawing what, where, why and how. Eventually, we'll have profiles, interviews and guest posts with people who draw.

This is an all inclusive endeavor. We are interested in all sorts of drawing by all sorts of people and in the power and process of drawing itself. Not so much in whether a drawing is "good" or "bad" or commercially viable.

We are interested in you and your experience. Later in the year, we will teach you how to help people start drawing in your community.

This blog supports the mission of Drawing America — to promote drawing for everyone throughout the United States.

Intuition leads the way. Let's see where it takes us!