Charlie Brown
Charles Schultz

There will be at least one if not several more posts related to Peanuts and Charlie Brown, I'm sure. This post shares the brief video above for Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography,the David Michaelis book, and the brilliant, poignant, full-length PBS American Masters program (which is only available for viewing on youtube.) Part one is below. As each part ends, click on the next segment at the top of the list.

I grew up on Peanuts comic strips. Day after day. Year after year. As I was watching the America Masters program, I couldn't help but wonder what the Peanuts strips and characters mean to folks who've come of age since oh, say, the late 1980's.

If you're part of that crowd, leave a comment to let us know what the world of Peanuts has meant to you. Are these characters archaic? Have you read many? Are their situations current? Meaningful?