Drawing America by Bike

Eric Clausen is a brave and ambitious soul. He can eat whatever he likes because he's burning it all off as he bicycles across America this year, making drawings of people and places he sees along the way.
"This year, I'm riding my bike across America. It will take about 13 - 14 months. I'm drawing the entire adventure. I want to meet Americans, see how they're doing in this recession and draw their picture." —Eric Clausen
Eric is Drawing America By Bike and you can follow his adventures via his blog and his Facebook page.

Send Eric $5 and he'll send you a hand drawn postcard. Send him $50 and you'll have a year's subscription of monthly postcards.

Eric started his adventure cycling out of Brooklyn on September 6th. At this writing, he's pedaled through Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond.

Visit Eric's blog to see his planned route.

Meet Eric along the way of this cool, unique and timely project and feed him some  healthy food! Please help fuel Eric's drawing hand and biking stamina by cheering him along on this great adventure, leaving encouraging comments and sending him $5 or $50 bucks.

Go, Eric, go!

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